Race Schedule

Time Level Team
4:00pm JV Small School Boys
4:23pm JV Large School Boys
4:46pm JV Small School Girls
5:09 JV Large School Girls
5:32pm Freshman Small School Boys
5:55pm Freshman Large School Boys
6:18pm Freshman Small School Girls
6:41pm Freshman Large School Girls
7:02pm Sophmore Small School Boys
7:25pm Sophmore Large School Boys
7:48pm Sophmore Small School Girls
8:11pm Sophmore Large School Girls
Non Seeded Races
8:34pm Varsity Girls
8:54pm Varsity Boys
Seeded Races: Sundown Showdown
9:14pm Varsity Girls
9:34pm Varsity Boys

**Varsity Races: Coaches may run up to 10 athletes in this early season meet to determine your varsity team for future races